About CPG

The CPG d.d. Company is organised as a joint-stock company. It has been founded in order to carry out the tasks of regular maintenance and construction of roads in the area of northern Primorska and, over years, activities related to the basic mission have been added. The activity of the company is joined in the

1. TECHNICAL AREA which is divided into:  five production units with regard to their activities:

  • Civil Engineering Construction Unit which carries out the civil engineering construction facilities, asphalt-related and geo-technical works. Within its framework, the Dolenjska Unit conducts its activities, its specialisation being performing construction works in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Building Construction Unit builds building construction facilities; within its framework the ABK plant conducts its activities, namely, produces prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete which are used in production facilities construction, halls, and warehouses and also in a more demanding execution of multi-storey business facilities. 
  • Construction Facilities Unit acquires processes and produces construction materials in asphalt mixing plants, aggregate extractions, gravel pits, quarries and concrete plants.
  • Road Maintenance Unit carries out regular maintenance of state and local roads, winter services and minor construction works via five road maintenance points in the entire area of northern Primorska and the one in Logatec.
  • Mechanisation Unit operates as a support to the rest of the units of Civil Engineering Construction, Building Construction, Construction Facilities and Road Maintenance by providing construction mechanisation, vehicles as well as workshops for equipment servicing

  • Quality Control,
  • Operational Controlling,
  • Preparation of Work and Designing, and
  • Land Survey Service.

2. MARKETING AREA by which the sales and purchase processes are joined. The sales department comprises calculations, preparation of offers and management of the relationship with customers, to wit, buyers of our production programme.  The purchase department ensures the external resources (material and services) required for functioning of production processes.

3. ECONOMIC AND LEGAL AREA which takes care of all support processes necessary for smooth performance of the company from the point of view of management standards, finances, accounting, corporate governance including human resources and legal matters.