Mission, vision, strategic objectives


We are a modern and stable company boasting over a 50-year tradition in the field of maintenance and construction of roads and all kinds of civil engineering construction and building construction facilities. Our business partners and road users are guaranteed the quality of our services and environment-friendly approach by continuous modernisation of technological equipment and the experience and expertise of our employees. The market conditions require that we have a clear vision of management and strategic objectives through which we ensure the satisfaction of our customers, the maintenance and appreciation of the capital to the owners and a safe future for our employees.


In the future we wish to stabilise the leading position in the area of Primorska and neighbouring areas, to be a chosen and quality provider who enhances their competitiveness by cutting the costs and increasing the performance on the basis of new organisational and technological solutions by encouraging the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit of every employee.

Strategic objectives

The company keeps adapting to the changes in the business environment. The targeted objectives of the company are:

  • development of all the elements of road maintenance and protection;
  • acquiring and carrying out the concessions to execute the maintenance and protection of state and local roads;
  • increasing the range of the maintenance and protection of state and local roads  through current and permanent requirements related to taking measures to improve traffic safety by informing the road operator about the requirements and initiatives to improve traffic safety;
  • enlarging the area of operation outside the Primorska region;
  • enlarging the activities by carrying out the building construction facilities;
  • becoming the leading producer of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements in the country;
  • maintaining the capability to acquire works through public procurement for the Krško Nuclear Plant;
  • quality realisation of contract obligations concerning the investments of our employers;
  • introducing new technologies in order to create new added values and profit as much as possible from the work of the employees in the company and, at the same time, satisfy the needs of our employers;
  • increasing our competitiveness by reducing the costs through the best possible use of our means of work and employees;
  • training own human resources in the field of technology and increasing their environmental awareness;
  • development and operation in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards;
  • actualising modernisation of our production technologies and processes in order to reduce the adverse effects on the environment.